Group Members - 2018

Jeff Martin

 Jeff  Martin received his M.S. from Alfred University and has been a teacher,  coach and dorm parent at Northwood School since 1995.  "Marty" has  taught physical science, chemistry, geology, astronomy, algebra II and  algebra III and coached tennis, soccer, hockey and wilderness skills  during his time at Northwood.  His role as the school's Technology  Coordinator currently takes up most of his time.  Jeff, his wife Sytske  and their daughter Anja enjoy the many outdoor activities of the Lake  Placid area and spending quiet time at their home in Wilmington. 

Chenghong Tang '18

Shanghai, China

Williams Sidney ' 18

Irvine, CA

Newcomb Issac ' 19

Lake Placid, New York

Qianfan (Ivan) Xue ' 18

Shanghai, China

Ruiyang (Kevin) Xiao ' 18

Beijing, China

Rintaro Akasaka ' 20

Tokyo, Japan

Alec Herman ' 18

Deerfield Beach, FL

Aiden Smith ' 19

New Jersey, NY

Paul Han ' 20

Anseong-si, Korea

Yujun (Jax) Song ' 18

Shanghai, China

Lingli (Nemo) Jin ' 18

Shanghai, China

Kiefer Dresser

New Canaan, CT

Chelsea Smith ' 19

Nee Jersey, NY

Group Member - 2017

Zhengyang (Derek) Yu ' 17

Shanghai, China


Xiancheng (Richard) Liu ' 17

Qingdao, China


Yinhua (JoJo) Cheng ' 17

Taiwan, China

Bochen ( Stepen) Cai

Wenzhou, China

Haoliang (David) Li ' 17

Shanghai, China

Palmer Feinberg ' 17

Saranac Lake, NY


Kimmy Ellis ' 17

Scarsdale, NY

Newcomb Issac ' 19

Lake Placid, NY

Aiden Smith

New Jersey, NY